Concert - Pineapple Express

PES University - ECC is proud to present PINEAPPLE EXPRESS set to perform on the 11th of November, 2018. Pineapple Express are a progressive fusion band, cooked into a tasty concoction with carnatic, rock, experimental, electronic & djent elements. They are mainly known for exploring a diverse range of genres effortlessly, and delivering high energy live audio-visual performances. Their signature, one of a kind, songwriting style is something to be experienced by one's own eyes. Join us at 5pm to have the most amazing end to a lit weekend.

Note: Free entry for all PES University students. ID card is mandatory.

Battle Of Bands

A symphonic contest between bands that either let you drift into a trance or get you up on your feet with your headbanging. All in all, a string of super energetic performances that leaves you screaming “Encore, encore! ”

Rules :
1. All bands from colleges are allowed regardless of age
2. There are no language and genre restrictions
3. 5% of the total marks shall be deducted for each minute exceeded
4. Only band members whose names are registered can be on stage during the performance
5. If the band incites moshing or any sort of violence in the crowd, they will be immediately disqualified
6. All bands are required report to the organiser at least 30 minutes prior to their performance
7. There will be a strict time limit of 12 minutes (including soundcheck)
8. Minimum 3 members per band
9. No pre recorded sounds or loops allowed
10.All equipment except drums and amplifiers to be brought by the band.
Organisers will not be held responsible for security of the band equipment
11.Obscenity/vulgarity in lyrics and clothes will lead to immediate disqualification
12.While one band is playing, the next band may be prepared to set up in the background without being disruptive
13.The management has a right to disqualify any team during any time of the event
14.Judge’s decision is final

Organisers :

Yathin K V 7090306098

Fashion Show

A magnificent expression of art in style that must portray “Battle of the times”, leaving the audience mesmerized well back in the past and entranced in the future, all at once. It is the walk that leaves the crowd in awe of their creativity.

Rules :
1. No skimpy/indecent clothing allowed
2. Emphasis will be given to apparel, portrayal of theme and originality
3. Time limit - 8 minutes + 2 minutes
4. Points will be reduced for exceeding time limit
5. Soundtrack to be brought in a CD in .mp3 format only
6. Number of members - 12 to 16 only

Group Dance

A captivating performance of synchronized feet that gets the audience grooving to the beat. Be it any genre of dance, it is sure to get you moonwalking in its charm!

Detials :

Online Registrations Closed 1st Prize : Rs 6000 2nd Prize : Rs 3000 03:00 pm - 05:00 pm Day 1 - Main Stage

Rules :
1. Any dance form is allowed
2. No on-spot registrations
3. Number of members in a team: 7-15 only
4. Minimum number of members on stage is 5
5. No solo performance is allowed at any point of time
6. Time limit: 6+2 minutes (Including stage setup. Not to be exceeded)
7. Usage of props is allowed but that does not carry any extra marks (No dangerous props of any kind of fluid or flame)
8. Pre-recorded music to be brought in CD/DVD or a pendrive in .mp3 format only
9. Live music is not allowed
10.Vulgarity of any kind will lead to immediate disqualification
11.Each team has to report to the event organiser at least an hour prior to the event
12.Judge’s decision is final

Organisers :

Kshama Nambiar 8073040169

Acapella / Western Acoustics

Sung without an instrumental accompaniment, this event brings out the Pentatonix in you. An event that is sure to get your feet tapping and head swaying, leaving you with a golly perspective of a familiar tune.

Rules :
1. Open event for all colleges and teams
2. Time limit is 10+2 minutes
3. 5% of the total marks shall be deducted for each minute exceeded
4. Minimum of 3 members per team
5. Only acoustic instruments and bass are allowed. Keyboard to be used only in piano mode
6. Teams are not allowed to use any pre-recorded sounds or loops
7. Failure to meet these rules will result in immediate disqualification
8. Judging will be based on harmony, stage presence, group dynamics, arrangement and creativity of the piece/medley

Organisers :

Noel Alben 9886583086

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