Cultural Events

Maaya Idol

Rules :
1. Languages allowed- Hindi/English/Kannada/Classical
2. Karaoke should be given in .mp3 or .cda format
3. Time limit - 2 minutes+90 seconds (not to be exceeded)
4. No original composition
5. Bring your own instruments if needed
6. 6 finalists will be selected after Round 1
7. Prepare a different song for the final round

Battle Of Bands

Rules :
1. All bands from colleges are allowed regardless of age
2. There are no language and genre restrictions
3. 5% of the total marks shall be deducted for each minute exceeded
4. Only band members whose names are registered can be on stage during the performance
5. If the band incites moshing or any sort of violence in the crowd, they will be immediately disqualified
6. All bands are required report to the organiser at least 30 minutes prior to their performance
7. There will be a strict time limit of 12 minutes (including soundcheck)
8. Minimum 3 members per band
9. No pre recorded sounds or loops allowed
10.All equipment except drums and amplifiers to be brought by the band.
Organisers will not be held responsible for security of the band equipment
11.Obscenity/vulgarity in lyrics and clothes will lead to immediate disqualification
12.While one band is playing, the next band may be prepared to set up in the background without being disruptive
13.The management has a right to disqualify any team during any time of the event
14.Judge’s decision is final

Organisers :

Yathin K V 7090306098


Rules :
1. Any style is permitted
2. Music must be brought in .mp3 format
3. 1st round - Time limit: 1 minute 30 seconds + 1 minute(not to be exceeded)
4. 2nd round - Battle

Group Dance

Rules :
1. Any dance form is allowed
2. No on-spot registrations
3. Number of members in a team: 7-15 only
4. Minimum number of members on stage is 5
5. No solo performance is allowed at any point of time
6. Time limit: 6+2 minutes (Including stage setup. Not to be exceeded)
7. Usage of props is allowed but that does not carry any extra marks (No dangerous props of any kind of fluid or flame)
8. Pre-recorded music to be brought in CD/DVD or a pendrive in .mp3 format only
9. Live music is not allowed
10.Vulgarity of any kind will lead to immediate disqualification
11.Each team has to report to the event organiser at least an hour prior to the event
12.Judge’s decision is final

Organisers :

Kshama Nambiar 8073040169

Fashion Show

Rules :
1. No skimpy/indecent clothing allowed
2. Emphasis will be given to apparel, portrayal of theme and originality
3. Time limit - 8 minutes + 2 minutes
4. Points will be reduced for exceeding time limit
5. Soundtrack to be brought in a CD in .mp3 format only
6. Number of members - 12 to 16 only

Acapella / Western Acoustics

Rules :
1. Open event for all colleges and teams
2. Time limit is 10+2 minutes
3. 5% of the total marks shall be deducted for each minute exceeded
4. Minimum of 3 members per team
5. Only acoustic instruments and bass are allowed. Keyboard to be used only in piano mode
6. Teams are not allowed to use any pre-recorded sounds or loops
7. Failure to meet these rules will result in immediate disqualification
8. Judging will be based on harmony, stage presence, group dynamics, arrangement and creativity of the piece/medley

Organisers :

Noel Alben 9886583086


Rules :
1. Solo event
2. Vulgarity of any kind will lead to immediate disqualification
3. Time limit - 2+1 minutes (not to be exceeded)
4. Finals will be a face-off

Organisers :

Shashwath Rai 7022519743

Street Dance

Rules :
1. The team should consist of 3-8 members
2. There will be two categories, singles and doubles
3. If only an individual is participating alone without a team he can take part only in singles category
4. The time limit for each category performance is going to be 6+1 minutes
5. The usage of props will be allowed but it won’t add up for the extra points
6. The song required for the contestants should be brought along with them in a pendrive or phone in .mp3 or .cda format only
7. Any dance formations that are dangerous for the well being of the contestant should be strictly avoided
8. If any team is or any contestant from a team is found violating any kind of
rules then the contestant along with the team will be disqualified
9. The judge(s) decision is final