Fine Arts


Rules :
1. Individual event
2. Participants are expected to bring their own digital cameras
3. Only digital are cameras allowed
4. Memory card will be cleared at the start of the event
5. Time limit is 4 hours from start of event
6. Only basic editing is allowed and EXIF data must be present in the metadata of submitted photos


Rules :
1. It is a solo event
2. Participants will have to clear the first round of elimination and then the final stage round to win
3. 10 finalists will be selected from the elimination round for the final round
4. No skimpy/indecent costumes allowed. Vulgarity of any kind will lead to immediate disqualification
5. Usage of props is allowed. However, any kind of fluid/flame/props deemed dangerous won’t be allowed
6. Participant is allowed to portray only a single character
7. The decision of the judges would be final

Mask It

Rules :
1. Two participants (1 painter + 1 friend)
2. Topic will be given on spot
3. No references will be allowed
4. Paints, brushes and other requirements to be brought by the participants
5. Stencils or stamps of any kind will not be allowed (only free hand painting)
6. Prosthetic pieces will not be allowed

Organisers :

PJ Yashaswini 9632324564

Get Inked

Rules :
1. Two participants (one artist and one friend)
2. Event duration - 1 hour
3. No reference material allowed
4. Theme based event (theme will be given on spot)
5. Participants are allowed to use only five colors (colors maybe of participants choice)
6. We will have a small challenge which will be given on spot for which the
participants have to be ready

Organisers :

Anjali Verma 9591791369