Gaming Events

Counter Strike GO

Rules :
1. 5 players in one team
2. Need to bring your mouse, headphones etc. Laptop will be provided by the organisers.
3. Game will be played on Counter Strike GO(Global Offensive)
4. Selection of terrorist and counter terrorist will be done by a knife round or toss of coin. The winning team gets to choose the side
5. Team to reach 7 wins first will be the winner of the match (for Knockout matches)
6. The starting rounds will be knockout rounds till number of teams is less than or equal to 4
7. The last 4 will have a league round and top 2 will be playing final
8. In league matches the team reaching 9 wins first will win the match
9. The final match will be a race to 13
10.No use of mobiles during matches
11.Laptops should have proper wifi connectivity in case the LAN cable is damaged or not available
12.Selection of map, starting money and time limit will be done by the organisers
13.In case of any damage to the college property the individual will have to bear the cost.


Rules :
1. Individual event
2. All are knockout games
3. It will be played over 2 legs
4. In case of a tie, winner will be decided by penalties
5. Half time will be after 5 minutes
6. Any team and formation can be chosen
7. Formations can be changed in between matches

Organisers :

Dhruva H 9663029570


Rules :
1. Server region –-Asia
2. Team - 4 players(squad)
3. Camera restrictions - third person (TPP)
4. Map option - Sunny
5. Map settings - Random
6. All players must use their own respective mobile phones and the app must be updated to the latest version
7. Emulators are not allowed. If found using emulators, the team will be disqualified
8. Teams are responsible for their own technical issues and there will be no rescheduling of matches
9. No hacks allowed. If found using hacks, the team will be disqualified.
10.In case a player gets disconnected during a match the team is allowed to play at a disadvantage.
11.If any of the team doesn’t show or a member of the team doesn’t show up
within the scheduled time, the team has to play with a disadvantage

Organisers :

Suhas B 9663939650