Sport Events

Street Football

Rules :
1. 5 players a side + 3 rolling subs
2. Game time is 7-2-7
3. College ID’s of all members of the team must be presented during registrations of the game
4. No offsides and throw-ins
5. No fights will be encouraged. Yellow Card - 2 mins of game time suspension. Red Card - Sent off during that match and suspended for the next match if the team advances. If more than 2 red cards are shown to players of one team, that particular team gets disqualified immediately
6. The referee’s and the organiser’s decision is final
7. Other standard football rules apply
8. Knockout format
9. In case of a tie, winner will be decided by penalties. 3 penalties to each team, single step
10. No playing barefoot. Only studs and trainers allowed

Organisers :

Sai Rupesh 8686111186

Street Cricket

Rules :
1. 5 players on the field
2. 5 overs per innings
3. Each player has to bowl one over
4. A bowler cannot bend his knees while bowling
5. Runs can be scored by hitting 4's, running between wickets and extras
6. A batsman can be declared out in these cases - Bowled, caught out, stumped, runout, hit wicket,hitting the ball directly over the ropes
7. The captain of the team will be responsible for the actions of all his team members
8. In case of a tie, the result will be decided by a super over
9. For every innings 3rd over will be jackpot over (Runs scored by batting team will get doubled and if a wicket falls 2 runs will be deducted from batting team's total)
10.Tournament will be in a knockout format
11.No second chance will be given to any knocked out team on any grounds
12.If any team found indulging in malpractices, unfair means, arguing and fighting with umpires or scorers, tampering with any sports equipment or fighting with opponents, they will be immediately disqualified

Street Basketball

Day 1

Rules :
1. The Tournament will be held as per the latest FIBA rules for men’s and women’s teams
2. Players and teams fielding unregistered players will result in disqualification of the team
3. All teams must report to the event venue half an prior to the start of the event
4. No requests for preponement or postponement of matches will be entertained. However, the organisers will have the right to alter, prepone/postpone any match
5. No protest on referees’ decision will be entertained
6. The matches will be 3v3 half court
7. Each team can have up to 4 players (i.e. 3 on court + 1 substitute) and a minimum of 3 players
8. If a player in a 3 man team is injured/cannot continue, the team will have to forfeit the match, no changes in the teams is allowed after the registration is complete
9. Since it is a half court match, the rule of “all-clear” will apply during the course of the match

Organisers :

Atharva 9834035372