Theatre Events


Rules :
1. Number of members in a team - 6 to 8
2. Time limit: 7+2 minutes
3. No props allowed
4. Placards can be used for portrayal of messages
5. Brief introduction OR conclusion is allowed
6. If there is music, it should be only tunes. No dialogues allowed
7. Judge's decision is final
8. Additional marks will be given for acts incorporating the theme of the fest


Rules :
1. Solo event
2. Participants have to crack the preliminary round to make it to the final 12 (6 boys & 6 girls)
3. The 12 finalists selected will go to the stage rounds at the end of which 2 participants will be crowned Mr. & Ms. Maaya
4. Pro Tip – Don’t be a cliché

Dumb Charades

Rules :
1. Only a team of 3 can participate in the event
2. Actors should not make any lip movements
3. Actors are not allowed to talk during the game
4. The team will be disqualified if the actor shows alphabets or letters
5. Each team is expected to complete the actions within the given time limit
6. Participants are not allowed to guess the other team’s actions
7. Any misconceptions will be cleared by judges
8. Participants should respect other participants and not fight with them

Organisers :

Pooja 9886599776